Remakes that didn’t entirely suck donkey penis

I’m normally the first person to snort air and look excessively aloof and flippant when I hear about the next in a long line of lazy Hollywood remakes. Studios see them as a way to make money off a recognised name/franchise where as moviegoers (occasionally myself included) will flock there to bask in the warmth of familiarity in the hope that maybe, just maybe the beloved original movie won’t be dumped on from a great height.

At odds with my general remake hatred I’ve managed to compile this list of remakes I’ve actually enjoyed. Let’s see what we’ve got:

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Why ‘I Am Legend’ is just ‘Marley and Me’ with Diet ’28 Days Later’

(This piece contains minor spoilers)

I want to start this piece by stating that I unconditionally love Will Smith and consider him to be one of the most underrated dramatic actors working on Hollywood’s A-list. Mr Smith, I have had unwavering respect for you from back in the day when you were ‘The Fresh Prince’ and this multiplied ten fold through your charismatic turn in the OTT blockbuster ‘Independence Day’, your absolute transformation into a modern icon in ‘Ali’ and you even made me tolerate being forced to sit through a romantic comedy in ‘Hitch’. (Ok, the ‘Hitch’ thing wasn’t quite true, I had the ulterior motive of being asked to watch it by a fine lady)

The disclaimer above hopefully illustrates that this piece is coming from the heart in conjunction with my love of quality source material and my hatred of the Hollywood studio system that turns anything remotely edgy or challenging into generic weasel shit rather than from any dislike of Big Willy himself. You did ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’, how can I hate you?

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Cinema: An explanation of my love

Our lives are shaped by moments and I am of the opinion that our character and personality is shaped as a result of our experiences. I can trace my love of film back to my first ever visit to the cinema. I was too young (around 3 years old) to remember the location of the cinema, but I can clearly remember being amazed, enthralled and terrified by the plight of a young wooden puppet who dreamed of becoming a real boy.

Little did I know at the time that I was watching a film close to 50 years old and one that to this day is regarded as one of Walt Disney’s absolute classics. It seems strange, that while as a child I fell in love with the cinema experience, I soon progressed to a love of more grown-up offerings and soon forgot about Pinocchio’s adventures. What I do remember is the atmosphere, the darkness, the booming sound and the images so big it felt like I was watching God’s television. It left me in awe.

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