Review: Beasts of The Southern Wild (2012)

‘Beasts of The Southern Wild’ tells the story of a world wise 6 year old girl referred to affectionately by her Daddy as Hushpuppy. The unorthodox family unit live in a waterside shanty-esque community known as The Bathtub in a reimagined deep south state. They live their day to day lives off the land, farming what they can and catching fish from the surrounding waters. Their life is simple but exists under the encroaching threat of a geological catastrophe which will leave The Bathtub uninhabitable and force its residents to live within the city limits and under forced societal rules. beastsofthesouthernwild

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Fear: A Look At What Makes A Horror Movie Work

Fear is the most basic human emotion that every single person reading this will have experienced at some point of their lives. When a filmmaker creates a horror movie they’re trying to tap into the primal fears that exist in all of us, coaxing us to experience those feelings in the safety of the cinema or our living room. Much like the creators of a theme park rollercoaster the director aims to manipulate his audience with every tool he has in his box for maximum effect and response.

Rogue's Gallery

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New posts incoming…..

Hello my dears! I’ve been working on a new post around the topic of horror movies. It’s taking a little longer than expected but it should be up over the weekend (not a euphemism). In the mean time please let me know your opinion on the poll that’s currently running. Feedback always welcome as ever.

Review: Dredd 3D (2012)

Judge Dredd has passed his judgement upon myself. He has judged that I am a colossal hypocrite. I complain and whinge constantly about the watering down of cinema to appeal to a wider audience, I bemoan the safe and sanitised studio system yet when Dredd 3D had its theatrical run, I was nowhere to be found. It appears others had a similar idea. The 18 or R rated Dredd 3D didn’t set the box office alight despite numerous favourable reviews. Here is my apology for not laying my £9 down in the form of these few hundred words.

Dredd 3D is great fucking entertainment. There, now that’s out of the way I can get along and tell you all why you should give Dredd a chance in your own homes in an attempt to give this pure piece of violent action cinema the attention it deserves.

Dredd. Severely judgmental.

Dredd. Severely judgmental.

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