About The Popcorn Trick

The Popcorn Trick is a movie blog aimed at providing cinematic opinion with a twist (the twist being my expertly expressed vulgarity).

I don’t include a traditional scoring method, I hope my writing is to the point enough to convey what I thought about the film without labeling it out of 10 or whatever denomination you prefer. Hint: If I say it sucks as frantically as a morbidly obese person sucks for air after a short jog I mean the movie was bad and that equates to 3/10 or some shit.

If you have any feedback regarding anything published on the site or want to invite me to the cinema or pub, feel free to use the comments feature or alternatively drop me an email to adam@thepopcorntrick.co.uk

My ambition is to play Goon #3 in an action movie.

And yes, I know what a popcorn trick involves.

You can follow me on Twitter – my tweets are not always movie related but I’m articulate and offensive on a variety of subjects. I’m also a friendly sort who is happy to interact so say hello.

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