My Guilty Pleasure Movies

“My God, how can you watch that shit!”

Yes, that sentence has been directed towards me a few times. As has…

“I thought you actually had some intelligence!”

Well, I’d like to think I do but that doesn’t preclude me from enjoying the simple things in life too from time to time. Not every film we watch needs to be of such depth it makes us question our very existence, hell, sometimes it’s just a pleasant sensation to disengage the brain and enjoy the ride. Also, some movies are just so bad they’re good. That’s scientifically proven. Ok. I lied about my last sentence.

This sums up my current state.

This sums up my current state.

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Special Effects. And NOT So Special Effects

The other day I found myself watching a film I’d seen numerous times before but hadn’t had the pleasure of sitting through recently, that film was John Landis’ 1981 classic ‘An American Werewolf In London’. Firstly, I’ll say the movie is still as entertaining as ever and is one of the few examples of movie making that skilfully dances between the genres of horror and comedy, however it was the quality of the special effects work rather than of the standard of the film that inspired this piece.


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Fear: A Look At What Makes A Horror Movie Work

Fear is the most basic human emotion that every single person reading this will have experienced at some point of their lives. When a filmmaker creates a horror movie they’re trying to tap into the primal fears that exist in all of us, coaxing us to experience those feelings in the safety of the cinema or our living room. Much like the creators of a theme park rollercoaster the director aims to manipulate his audience with every tool he has in his box for maximum effect and response.

Rogue's Gallery

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Remakes that didn’t entirely suck donkey penis

I’m normally the first person to snort air and look excessively aloof and flippant when I hear about the next in a long line of lazy Hollywood remakes. Studios see them as a way to make money off a recognised name/franchise where as moviegoers (occasionally myself included) will flock there to bask in the warmth of familiarity in the hope that maybe, just maybe the beloved original movie won’t be dumped on from a great height.

At odds with my general remake hatred I’ve managed to compile this list of remakes I’ve actually enjoyed. Let’s see what we’ve got:

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