Give Iris a visit

Despite not being named after a character in Taxi Driver, Iris really knows her movies and can write a little too. Give her blog a visit at The Living Room Routine and you’ll make her as happy as she can be without receiving alcohol in dingy nightclubs.


4 thoughts on “Give Iris a visit

  1. How fascinating would my childhood have been if I had had parents who chose to name me after a 13 year-old prostitute? I almost feel cheated.
    I don’t know if I’m deserving of it yet, but thanks for the shout-out <3

  2. Course you’re deserving! You introduced me to so many films that I’ve now recommended to dozens of others, I think it’s only fair that your influence spreads wider.

    • Thanks, dearest. I still can’t believe that you didn’t find any use in Letterboxd though. It’s become something of a second home to me, it’s brilliant for keeping track of movies you’ve seen and getting ideas on what to watch (though by all means, I don’t mind you asking me for a movie recommendation any time of the day or week either).

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