Review: Dredd 3D (2012)

Judge Dredd has passed his judgement upon myself. He has judged that I am a colossal hypocrite. I complain and whinge constantly about the watering down of cinema to appeal to a wider audience, I bemoan the safe and sanitised studio system yet when Dredd 3D had its theatrical run, I was nowhere to be found. It appears others had a similar idea. The 18 or R rated Dredd 3D didn’t set the box office alight despite numerous favourable reviews. Here is my apology for not laying my £9 down in the form of these few hundred words.

Dredd 3D is great fucking entertainment. There, now that’s out of the way I can get along and tell you all why you should give Dredd a chance in your own homes in an attempt to give this pure piece of violent action cinema the attention it deserves.

Dredd. Severely judgmental.

Dredd. Severely judgmental.

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Give Iris a visit

Despite not being named after a character in Taxi Driver, Iris really knows her movies and can write a little too. Give her blog a visit at The Living Room Routine and you’ll make her as happy as she can be without receiving alcohol in dingy nightclubs.


Review: Dragon Eyes (2012)

I stumbled upon ‘Dragon Eyes’ upon skimming through Netflix. Streaming services such as Lovefilm and Netflix have many positives. Even as an AV snob who’s a taskmaster for picture and audio quality, the content is not unwatchable and it’s all presented to you for a reasonable monthly fee.


The disadvantage of these services is that the average user like myself will often take into account the reasonable monthly fee and waste time watching hours of dross that they’d never consider watching if it was a paid rental or a blind purchase. For me, Dragon Eyes tiptoes into that category.

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Remakes that didn’t entirely suck donkey penis

I’m normally the first person to snort air and look excessively aloof and flippant when I hear about the next in a long line of lazy Hollywood remakes. Studios see them as a way to make money off a recognised name/franchise where as moviegoers (occasionally myself included) will flock there to bask in the warmth of familiarity in the hope that maybe, just maybe the beloved original movie won’t be dumped on from a great height.

At odds with my general remake hatred I’ve managed to compile this list of remakes I’ve actually enjoyed. Let’s see what we’ve got:

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